Winter Wonderland Nail Art Tutorial

This mani combines a few of my favorites – magnetic polish, layered stamping and holographic stamping polish.
Base – Bow Polish Smile in your Sleep. I’ve been obsessed with magnetic polishes for a while now and this one is my favorite. It’s gorgeous on its own and make a great base for a design. I’ve worn it three times already and given that I own almost 500 polishes it’s pretty impressive. I this polish and long with Dance Legend magnet from Which is probably the best place to get Bow Polishes if you are in the US.
I used HK Girl top coat by Glisten & Glow to seal it in before doing design. This step is not strictly necessary, but I like to have top coat between base color and design. That way I can fix small design flaws without disturbing base color (and having to re-paint nail) using brush and tiniest amount of acetone.

I used images from two plates. Snowflakes and starts are from Winstonia Xmas plate. Trees are from discontinued LeaLac LLC-B. I’m really sad these plates got discontinued. They are well etched and have great selection of designs.

Stamping polishes
White Wedding by Girly Bits Cosmetics, Tree Trunks by Jolie Polish – my favorite brown stamping polish. It’s ridiculously pigmented, which makes it a bit of a pain to wipe of the plate, but it’s super opaque, Holopaque by Liquid Sky Lacquer – the most sparkly holographic polish I own.

Cuticle protection
For this and most of my recent designs I used Ammonia-Free Latex Body paint I got from Amazon. It works like a charm and is very budget friendly. The only inconvenience is that it comes in jars without brush, so I had to transfer it into an empty polish bottle.

Bundle Monster XL Clear stamper from Glass Stamper Collection. This is my new personal favorite. I’ve been struggling to find perfect clear stamper and for a while clear round stamper from Born Pretty Store held “as good as it gets” position. Until I found this. Truth is in terms of performance all clear stampers worked about the same for me. So when I say “perfect” and “favorite” I’m referring to the size of the stamper and shape of the handle. Turns out I really like large stampers, because large surface area means less curved surface, and for me it means less distortions. Short handle is great for recording tutorials as my camera hangs pretty low over my working area.

Bottom line: I really like how this design turned out. Hope you do too!

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