Zoya Ultra Brites Neon Collection Review

Fotor_147287379352674This day has arrived – my young, but rapidly developing obsession with nail polish manifested itself in a blog post. I’m not turning into a nail polish blogger quiet yet, but as I was posting swatches of this collection on Instagram, I realized that I have more to say on this subject than I want to put (and anyone wants to read) in the caption.

As I mentioned on Instagram, I have some mixed feelings about Ultra Brites Collection and the way my swatches turned out. Even though I’m not really neon person, I was excited about this collection and really wanted to like them, but trying them out was not a smooth sailing I’ve come to expect from Zoya polishes.
Application was tricky, as neons didn’t self-level all that well. I think adding top coat probably would’ve helped to even out the polish, but since neons have pretty unusual finish on their own, I wanted to show it. Second half of the collection (green and blues) self-leveled a bit better than the first half (pinks and reds), but none of them were great. Finish of these neons is described as “matte” on Zoya’s web site, but to me it’s more of a satin, and it’s not my favorite. As I mentioned, top coat (glossy or matte) would probably make these look more attractive.
Some of my frustration with neons comes from the fact that I dislike polishes that require undies (and Ultra Brites totally need them), as I always end up with those undies showing. Someone with more skill could have better experience with these. White undies are the most prominent when showing. Of course, this is something the I know before ordering these polishes. In case you are wondering if white base is really necessary – yes, it is, if you want the colors to look like they do in these images and on Zoya website. Without the white base neons look very sheer and a bit dull.
Nail art
Since these neons are so sheer (with the exception of Mirajane), I see potential for layered designs, but I didn’t try that yet. Neons do watermarble, but they require one to work super fast. The pictured design was produced on the 3rd attempt and it’s far from perfect.

Last but not least color selection – am I the only one who feels that all those pinks look pretty similar to each other? Am I the only one who feels that this collection seems incomplete without neon yellow?

Bottom Line: Zoya makes some great nails polishes, and I will continue buying from them in future, but this collection leaves a lot to be desired. If you are exceptionally skilled at applying nail polish, don’t mind white undies and love neons you may actually enjoy Ultra Brights. Otherwise, don’t bother. If you are looking for summer colors Sunsets are almost as bright, but much more user friendly.


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