Some thoughts on Haus of Gloi Valentine’s Scents

Haus of Gloi recently moved the remaining Valentine’s items to sale section, which reminded me that I meant to post a few thoughts on their Valentine’s scents, but didn’t. Well, here we go.

It’s worth noting that my thoughts on these scents are based on the actual perfume oils. If I tried a scent in a different product as well (like cream soap or pumpkin butter), I’ll make a note. Perfume oils don’t show up on the site anymore, but most of other products from Valentine’s release are still available (and they are on sale!). In general, in a bath and body products the scent would softer than in the oil. I hope this post will be helpful if you are trying to decide which products/scents to try.

First Blush – in the vile it smells like fruity hard candy. Wet on the skin – candy-like sweetness disappears, peach becomes stronger and I can detect some lavender. Dry – peach, tea and vanilla bean. Makes me think of refreshing and sugary peach iced tea.

Come Hither – in the vile it smells foodie-sweet, I pick up mostly bourbon vanilla and honey (I think I also pick up tonka bean, but that may be just because I know it’s supposed to be there). Wet on the skin it’s bourbon vanilla and hints of something floral/herbal. As the oil dries down the scent mellows out, but doesn’t change much.
NOTE: In Pumpkin Butter form it smells like bourbon vanilla and something that could be tonka bean.

Cozy Roses – in the vile it smells like rose with back drop of Cozy Sweater (mostly musk and amber), but the minute it touches my skin rose starts to fade and the scent turns into Cozy Sweater. Which is a nice scent, I’m a big fan of musk and amber mix, but there is a hint of something else that I can’t really pin point, but that I don’t enjoy.
NOTE: in a Whipped Soap this scent is fresh roses with that part of Cozy Sweater that I don’t like.

Odette – in the vile I get mostly “clean” and tuberose. Wet on the skin it’s mostly tuberose. Dry – it stays mostly tuberose. Tuberose is one of my favorite notes, but I prefer it in a bouquet, rather than by itself. I got Odette to explore clean/floral scents, so it’s a bit disappointing that on me it only floral.
NOTE: I like this scent better in Pumpkin Butter. There I actually get to experience clean/floral combination and it’s really lovely.

Risque – in the vile I smell rose and some musk. Wet on the skin all other notes show up. On dry down leather becomes more prominent, and pushes all other notes into the background.

Super Freak – in the vile it’s all fruity red wine and vanilla. Wet on the skin – wine and dark chocolate. I know chocolate is not listed as one of the notes, but that’s what it smells like to me. This scent reminds me of chocolate candy with cherry liquor inside. As the oil dries down the rogue chocolate note disappears and incense shows up. Completely dry Super Freak smells of incense with hint of wine. I was unable to detect any vanilla in after the oil dried. A lot of time I can’t smell it in a perfume, but it makes the scent sweet and creamy. It wasn’t the case with Super Freak.

Out of all of these scents Odette is my favorite and the only one I would enjoy wearing as perfume.

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