Black Violet Chamomile Lavender Tonique Review

16 - 1 (1)Indie skin care is fairly new to me. I was researching and trying it out very enthusiastically over past year. Black Violet was one of the indie makers that caught my attention. So, I tried a few of their products including Tonique. It comes in two scents Rosemary Geranium and Chamomile Lavender. The choice was super easy for me, as I intensely dislike anything rosemary. It’s a nice inoffensive scent, heavier on chamomile, with lavender barely noticeable.

I have mixed feeling about the packaging. On one hand opaque container and spray cap (limiting light and air exposure) are great. On the other, I was a not sure how am I supposed to apply the product. Label and website description did not offer any suggestions, other than “gently shake” and “keep out of mucous membranes”. I meant to contact the company to ask, but never got around. So, for facial application I sprayed it on my palm and them patted it on my face. For other areas, like neck, chest, legs, I just sprayed it. This application method worked just fine and kept a few cotton balls out of landfills.
I prefer applying it at night. Aloe Barbadensis leaf juice (which appears to be main ingredient) is great for your skin, but it does not adsorb all that well. So applying sunscreen and/or makeup on top of it was not my favorite thing to do. Things tend to slip and slide during the day a lot more than they normally do on my oily skin.
Black Violet Tonique is very soothing. My face is not particular sensitive or irritated (thankfully), so I couldn’t reap full benefits of this tonique, but I can tell you that applying it to freshly shaved legs feels heavenly (hmm… not that I encourage off-label use here).

The main reason I bought this product is that I read someone mention that it helped with their acne. For my acne it did nothing. I don’t hold it against the product as it is not marketed as acne treatment. My theory is that it may help with breakouts that are triggered or exacerbated by irritation.

Bottom Line: I like it. It is very soothing and refreshing. I’m not sure if I will repurchase because my skin is not really the right type to reap the most benefits of this product.

If you wish to try Black Violet Tonque for yourself it can be found here Black Violet is currently running a promotion that allows you to get 20% off facial products with code LOVEYOURFACE. The offer is valid till 2/21.

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