Miss Jessie’s Shampoo and Conditioner(s) Review

DSC04131Miss Jessie’s were one of the first lines I tried while exploring my curliness. I had mixed results with their products.

Super Slip Sudsy Shampoo – even though this shampoo is sulfate free it didn’t feel much milder than regular shampoo. It does have very unusual texture. Some reviewers call it “snot-like”. I wouldn’t go that far, but I can say that only it’s lovely scent stopped me from being grossed out. Who new I was that scent-driven? Miss Jessie’s Shampoo smells like bubble gum with a fruity spin to it. There is something very familiar and comforting about this smell. The texture of this shampoo made spreading product over my hair a bit tricky. I tried spreading it on my palms first, mixing it with water before applying, applying small amounts of product in several spots… no matter what I did it felt like some spots got more than others. It lathered well for a sulfate-free product (spots that got more lathered much, much better than others though), and left my hair feeling clean, but not stripped. I did use up the bottle, but didn’t like it enough to re-purchase.

Crème de la Crème Conditioner – it is not often that I return a cosmetic product, but Miss Jessie’s Conditioner deserved the honor. It has extremely unpleasant plastic-y smell, that I just couldn’t get past. I used the conditioner two or three times, and it did ok job, but enough was enough. Regardless of the smell, this conditioner contains significant amount of Cyclopentasiloxane which can make it problematic for curlies.

Leave In Condish – white-ish fairly thick substance with very subtle smell. Pretty decent leave-in conditioner, but nothing else. It moisturizes, but doesn’t do much for defining curls. So I like to pair it with products that define, but do not moisturize (unexpected, right?), like Curl Keeper (reviewed here) or Shea Moisture Curling Gel Soufflé (reviewed here). Moderation is a key, as this product is easy to over-apply. Then it just sits on top of each hair creating buildup and not doing much moisturizing (but my hair is prone to this issue with all products). My favorite way to use Miss Jessie’s Leave In Conditioner involves applying large amount of it in place of regular conditioner, and then rinsing the excess. I feel that this way product distributes more evenly and adsorbs better. This conditioner doesn’t contain silicons and should work for “curly girl” routine. It works well enough, but I’m not sure that I’ll re-purchase.

Bottom Line: Miss Jessie’s products are really hit or miss for me. This applies to there styling products as well (reviewed here). I do like the fact that they sell samples or travel sizes of most of their products and offer a return policy. For the sake of full disclosure, I want to mention that I don’t know how well that return policy works. I bought all Miss Jessie’s products from Birchbox, so I was dealing with them regarding return of the conditioner. That was fairly painless, but refund took a while.

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