Proactiv Green Tea Moisturizer Review

IMG_1758 (1)My skin was pretty oily throughout my teens and twenties. It’s becoming drier now, but it still breaks out at a drop of a hat. Finding suitable moisturizer for oily and acne prone skin is not an easy task. It was even harder a few years ago. So I was thrilled to discover Proactiv Green Tea Moisturizer. It is a very light-weight gel moisturizer with light pleasant scent. It did a great job moisturizing my skin without leaving any kind of residue or causing breakouts. In addition to providing moisture, it contains anti-oxidants, including (obviously) green tea. It was nice to use in summer, but in winter it was a life saver.
Once I hit my thirties, my skin started getting drier. It got to this weird point where it feels oily, but it’s actually dry underneath all that oil (of that makes sense to anyone). Green Tea Moisturizer still works for me, but sometimes I have to apply it twice to get adequate level of moisture. I tried applying thicker layer, but then it doesn’t adsorbs as well as two thin layers applied twenty minutes apart.
Since applying and reapplying moisturizer is not my favorite way to spend a night. Also using moisturizer twice means I go through it twice faster than before, and this stuff isn’t cheap. Plus Guthy-Renker is not my favorite company to deal with. So I’m currently on a mission to find a substitute.

Proactive Green Tea Moisturizer is great for oily to normal skin, but for drier skin it just doesn’t provide enough moisture.

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