Paula’s Choice Clinical 1% Retinol Treatment

DSC05710 (1)Retinol is one of the major players in the modern skin care field. It is valued mostly for anti-aging properties, but it also can help treat acne. I believe that 1% is the highest concentration you can get without prescription. I like the fact that in addition to retinol this treatment contains a number of other promising ingredients – vitamin C, peptides, antioxidants and anti-irritants. I also like that it’s packaged in a container with airless pump, which is helps to maintain stability of the formula.
$55 for 1 oz of product seems a bit pricy at first. However, Michelle of Lab Muffin Blog did analysis of this and some other retinol treatments in the market and concluded that when you take into account amount retinol it contains, the price doesn’t look that high anymore. Michelle’s post can be found here. It is also worth noting that unlike many other products, Paula’s Choice Clinical 1% Retinol Treatment is available in travel size (or what I would call deluxe sample), and this sample is currently on sale for $10. I really appreciate the opportunity to try a product before committing to a full size.

So I was really exited to try Paula’s Choice Clinical 1% Retinol Treatment, but I was a bit worried about side effects, like peeling and irritation. So, I started out slow – at first I was using 2-3 pumps this treatment twice a week. After first two weeks with no side effects I switched to three times a week. At that point I did encounter some redness. By fifth week I got a bit impatient, but I was reluctant to increase frequency of Retinol Treatment, as I still had some redness. Instead, I started using Paula’s Choice RESIST C15 Super Booster (vitamin C treatment, previously reviewed here). Right after that I started seeing some improvement – my skin seemed a firmer and brighter, and people started telling me that I look “well rested”. Granted I was well rested for the first time in the past year. I believe that these improvement (at least to some extent) were brought on by the Retinol Treatment (alone or combined with C15 Super Booster). By seventh week redness disappeared and I decided to increase frequency of application, but that’s exactly when I run out of product. It was only a 0.16 oz travel size tube.

Overall I’m pleased with my experience. My skin did improve, and I would expect that with increased frequency of use the improvement would be more pronounced. My only disappointment was that Clinical 1% Retinol Treatment didn’t seem to do much for my acne. It still showed up and disappeared as it wished.
I’m planning to get a full size of this treatment after I go through of other retinol products.

If you want to try Clinical Retinol Treatment or any other Paula’s Choice product, feel free to use my referral link to get $10 off your first order (I will get $10 as well).

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