Miss Jessie’s Styling Products Review

This post is a result of my search for perfect curling product among Miss Jessie’s offerings. I received generous samples of Quick Curls and Multicultural Curls from subscription boxes. That inspired my curiosity about this brand and prompted me to explore their products and try to find perfect taming solution for my temperamental curls.

Over a coarse of a few month I tested the following samples:
– Quick Curls (two of these actually)
– Multicultural curls
– Jelly soft curls
– Pillow soft curls

These 1 fl. oz sample are pretty generous. Even with my long hair they yielded a few uses each. Of coarse I had to transfer them into jars to prevent the product from drying out.


Multicultural Curls – calling my curls “multicultural” may be a stretch, but multi-textured they certainly are. So I had high hopes for this one. It is the heaviest of four . It’s formula contains more oils then others. My hair does not get weighed down easily, but with this product I had to make sure to be very light handed when applying. Otherwise, my hair would look like it needs to be washed. Most of the time I use some leave-in conditioner with along with curling lotion, but with this one it felt excessive.
Verdict: Multicultural Curls may work better for thicker and dryer hair.

DSC03762Jelly Soft Curls
– this one turned out to be a bit disappointing, as it looks, functions and even smells like you average hair gel. And just as your average gel, it is a bit drying. I used it with Sienna leave-in conditioner (very thick and oil-heavy) to counteract the drying effect, and it made things a bit better, but not as good as I hoped. My hair would look ok for a day, after that it was a frizzy mess. Also, as with most of gels, applying just a bit too much would result in a “crunchy” curls.
Verdict: not ideal for any type of curls

DSC04978Pillow Soft Curls is the most typical curling lotion of these four. It did a good job of defining and moisturizing my curls, without weighing them down. It is less heavy than Multicultural Curls, but still very moisturizing.
Verdict: good product



DSC03122Quick Curls – this lotion was my favorite from the bunch. It was great for defining my curls without a trace of crunchiness or heaviness. The best part about this lotion is that it added shine to my hair. I love wearing my hair curly, but I really miss the shine of straightened hair. This lotion brought some that shine back. On the downside, it’s not very moisturizing . I got best results when I used a leave in conditioner along with it. I’m on the fence weather or not I should get full size though. Quick Curls lotion contains HDMD Hydanation, which is one of the preservatives I’m trying to avoid. In all honesty, I would rather use something that contains parabens. Ironically, Quick Curls is the only one of four containing this preservative.
Verdict: Great curling lotion

Note: all of these styling products contain silicones, and therefore, are not co-wash friendly.

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