Curl Keeper (Original) Review

Curl Keeper Original The original Curl Keeper is one of my favorite curling products out there. It’s incredibly light weight. Thin consistency makes it a bit difficult to work with, but the results are worth it. I usually apply Curl Keeper on very wet hair after small amount of leave-in conditioner, scrunch my hair up to encourage curling  and let my hair air dry. Curl Keeper does leave a “cast” like a  hair gel would, but after some more scrunching the “cast” breaks up leaving defined, touchable and shiny curls. Since curly hair has more rough cuticle than straight hair does, shiny curls are one hell of accomplishment. Plus, unlike gel, Curl Keeper is not drying.

The downside is that curls start to dissipate quicker than with curling lotions. Re-wetting my hair with water and “second day hair” spray helps to revive the curls, but they don’t look ad good. Also, it’s not moisturizing, so it won’t work as well if your curls are desperately dry.

So far I went through two small bottles of this stuff, and I think it’s time to commit to a large one.

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