SuperDuper – phone app for nail polish lovers

This app was mentioned in a beauty forum I frequent a few month ago. It sounded interesting, was compatible with my phone and free. So went head and downloaded it.

In the past year I became a total nail polish junkie. If subject has anything to do with nail polish – I’m all ears. However, I don’t really care for higher end nail polishes, and I don’t see myself paying more than $15 (and that’s a stretch) for a single bottle. So, while I’m not the one to go crazy over high end nail polish, I like the fact that finding reasonably priced alternatives is now easier.

How it works:
SuperDuper app presents you list of brands to select from, and then list of colors within the brand.
Once you do that, the up shows you dupe or dupes of selected color.
You get both bottle shots and swatches. Sometimes there is more than one dupe. Sometimes there is a note about how many coats were used to achieve the identical level of coverage.

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Things I like:

– The app is very intuitive and fun to use.
– It’s free
– Each dupe has bottle shots and swatches (and who doesn’t like pictures)
– The app does what it says without taking up all the memory or trying to access my contacts. If you take this for granted, think again. I encountered a free guitar tuner app that was refusing to operate without access to my contacts, pictures and everything else on my phone. Naturally, that one was promptly uninstalled.

Things I would really like to see:
– Indies. I realize that by nature, many indie polishes are unique. However, many indie lines include creams that can be dupes of mainstream brands. All things equal I would rather support indie brands.
– Dupes of discontinued polishes. A few month ago I searched high and low for a dupe of Essie Clutch Me If You Can. I seriously wished there was easier way.
– Dupes of affordable brands. Sometimes you want a dupe for non-financial reasons. For example when you love the color, but not the formula. Or when one brand is more accessible when the other. Or when your favorite color got discontinued (like above).

How does one determine if nail polish is a dupe for another? Lizzy, the creator of SuperDuper provided some insight:

How We Dupe It: Behind the Scenes at SuperDuper

We take duping seriously at SuperDuper and we promised Elena a peek at the process:
1. We get our hands on a gorgeous luxury polish like Chanel Laque Rouge (one of our all-time faves.) and immediately post the new treasure on Instagram.

2. We paint a swatch as a reference and check it against our massive library of swatches. Once we narrow it down to the closest options, we pull the likely dupe bottles from our organized/not organized stash. (We’ve learned our lesson the hard way and don’t bother trying to match the colors while they’re in the bottles… colors change once air hits them.)

3. The tedious bit: painting two coats of every color, keeping track of which nail has which color, and running out of nails and we eyeball the colors in natural light, fluorescent light, and incandescent light.

4. We usually eliminate all but 1 or 2 by now, which face the last test: paint one nail in the luxury color and then paint the dupe suspect over half of it. If you can’t see the line, we know we have a winner.
5. The final step is photographing everything and uploading to the SuperDuper iOS app so we can share the dupe with everyone! In this case, turns out that Chanel Laque Rouge has at least 2 dupes: Essie A-List and Forever 21 Sangria. #winning.

I would like to add that she is very thorough. I follow SuperDuper account on Instagram (@Get_SuperSuper), and I’ve seen very close potential dupes get rejected, as “close” and “exact match” are not the same thing in SuperDuper world.

Bottom Line: if you are in love with color of high end nail polish, but can’t bring yourself to pay the price, this is a great app for you. If you (like me) don’t get that obsessive about color, but love all the nail polish, it’s still worth checking out the app. It may not be as much of use to you, but it’s definitely fun to play with. You can find out that for yourself by downloading the SuperDuper app for iPhone. Android version of the app is coming later this year. The exact date of the release is to be determined.

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