Vasanti BrightenUP Enzymatic Face Rejuvenator Review

Vasanti BrightenUP Face RejuvenatorI got generous sample of Vasanti scrub in one of my Birchboxes last year. It the time I wasn’t as swamped with products as I am now, so I was eager to try it. To my disappointment the scrub felt scratchy on my face and didn’t do much for my complexion (spelling??). Most of facial products that do not work out for me for some reason end up subbing for foot products. I’m a lot less picky about what I put on my feet. So this was the next function of Vasanti scrub. That didn’t go that great either. The same particles that felt too scratchy for my face seemed to small and smooth for my feet. Poor little tube sat unloved in my bathroom for a while. I really should have tossed it at that point, but I really hate wasting usable product even if it’s not that great. Plus there was something appealing about this tube. I really want to make it work (sounds like a relationship, doesn’t it?). Every now and then I would give it another chance as a foot scrub, and wind up disappointed. After a while I noticed that while there was no change to my feet, hands felt really nice after each “pedicure”. Up until then it did not occur to me that I need a dedicated hand scrub, but Vasanti was perfect for my hands. Best of all it did a great job exfoliating skin around my nail beds and preparing cuticle for oil or moisturizer. So I actually enjoyed that last third of the tube.

Bottom line: makes a great hand scrub, but not worth the price.

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