Too much nail polish, aka Project “Untrieds”

Too much nail polish, aka project "Untrieds"It seems that between subscription box, promotion and sales at work I accumulated unexpectedly unreasonably large number of nail polishes lately. I took an inventory of nail polish past week and slightly shuddered when I realized that there are just short of 50 untried polishes sitting in my dresser drawer. Together with untried top/base coats and two nail art pens this number is actually over 50. This discovery calls for action. So, no more nail polish until I use every single one at least once. I’m starting project “Untrieds”, in order to track my progress. Yes, I do have a life and a full time job, why do you ask?

Originally I planned to include list of my “untrieds” in this post. However, I figured that separate page is more convenient for tracking my progress. So, stay tuned – Project “Untrieds” is coming.

UPDATE: Project “Untrieds” is here!

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