Hask Aragan Oil Deep Conditioning Hair Treatment Review

I’m workHask Aragan Oil Deep Conditioning Hair Treatment ing my way through my stash of hair mask samples, in attempts to revive my hair stripped by harsh winter. Next up is Hask Aragan Oil Treatment I received in my Beauty Box 5 last July. As I already mentioned, I’m skeptical about hair products from subscription boxes (especially BB5), as they tend to be loaded with silicones, and that just doesn’t work for my hair. After reviewing carefully reviewing the ingredients and not finding anything terrible (looking at you dimethicone and cyclopentasiloxane), I transferred the contents of a massive foil sample onto a plastic jar, and started using it in place of my conditioner. The sample lasted me four or five uses (as I said, that foil was massive). The mask did a decent job moisturizing my hair and controlling frizz. The mask has sweet lemon-y scent. It’s a bit stronger than I like, but it’s pleasant, so not a deal breaker.

Bottom line: Hask Aragan Oil Hair Treatment is a good hair mask and deep conditioner, but somewhat pricy for what it is. Plus, I wish it came in a better packaging. I thought that foil I received was just a sample, but apparently this product is sold in these large foils, and dealing with them on regular basis is somewhat cumbersome.

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