Ipsy GlamBag February 2015

Ipsy GlamBag February 2015
Ipsy GlamBag February 2015

February GlamBag got lost on the way to me. It got transferred from DHL to USPS on February 13, but USPS did not receive it until February 20. What was my bag going all that time I have no idea, but I’m guessing nothing terrible since it arrived safe and sound. I already knew what I’m getting and what I’m not getting (where is my Luxie Blush brush, Ipsy???), so I wasn’t particularly antsy.
The bag contained:
– Eva NYC volumizing spray
– Cargo Lip Gloss inAnguilla
– Hey Honey Take It Off peel
– Pencil me in eye liner in Amethyst
– Model Co Blush in Peach Bellini
I’m ok with this bag. I would be happier if I got the brush. Hair spray and lip gloss are going straight to the trade/give away pile – my frizzy hair has too much volume as it is, and I just don’t care for lip gloss (especially neutral pink one). However, I’m so happy about Model Co blush that I’m willing to look past that. I like blushes and I was curious about Model Co brand, so it worked out nicely. Also, this one is a great size and blushes last forever. It was the only item that held some mystery to me I wasn’t sure which shade I’m getting. And I’m glad I got peach and not pink variety. Pencil me in is a fifth purple eye pencil I received from a subscription, and third one I received from Ipsy. I’m guessing there is an excess of purple eye pencils some where in the Universe, and the Universe is just throwing them at me via black holes of subscription boxes. I actually developed liking for them over past few month. Honey Take It Off will get used, but I really wish Ipsy left skin and hair care alone and focused on makeup.

Bottom line: not the best bag ever, but the blush really made it for me. So, I’m going to let the rest of it slide.

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