Walmart Beauty Box Winter 2014/2015

Walmart Beauty Box Winter 2014/2015
Walmart Beauty Box Winter 2014/2015

The last box I received in December was Walmart Beauty Box – winter edition, but by the time it arrived I was already away for the holidays, so I didn’t get to see it until early January.
This time I got:
– L’Oreal Oleo-Therapy shampoo and conditioner
– Jergens BB Body Cream
– Play Fresh Effects towelettes
– Maybelline Color Sensational Lipstick in Maple Kiss (full size)
– Foil packet of Nivea Cocoa Butter Lotion
– Card sample of Maybelline Dream Wonder Powder foundation
At first glance this box seems emptier than fall version. However, this one is more relevant (at least to me). So far, not a single time ended up in trade/give away pile yet. I wanted to switch to sulfate-free shampoo for a while. So I was delighted to receive Oleo-Therapy duo. Jergens BB Body Cream is essentially light self-tanner. I normally don’t use self tanners because they tend to turn weird colors on me, but this one seems really light, so I’ll give it a chance. Cleansing towelettes is not the most exiting item to receive in a beauty box, but they come handy sometimes. Especially when you travel. L’Oreal lipstick is the only item that I’m considering giving away. The color would not work for most people, but odd colors sometimes work for me. Maybe I’ll keep it.
Overall I like this box. However, organizational side still leaves some to desired. There was absolutely no communication from Walmart or BrandShare (who manages the box) about when I should expect it. And tracking number arrived two weeks later than the box itself.

Bottom Line: for a $5 box it delivers great value. And since the box is sent quarterly it doesn’t get overwhelming. I’m keeping it for now.

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