Birchbox December 2014

Birchbox December 2014
Birchbox December 2014
Birchbox December 2014 - List of Content
Birchbox December 2014 – List of Content

Getting tracking number for my January box was a subtle cue that I really should get myself together and post reviews for December boxes. So here we go. Reviews for Ipsy and Beauty Box 5 will follow shortly.
This is my officially my least favorite box in almost a year with Birchbox. This month I didn’t pick as sample as there were two equally appealing option and I just couldn’t choose. Plus I didn’t want to restrict my options by limiting myself to only boxed with a specific sample.
Here is what I got:
– Acure Organics Lip Lush in Birthday Suit
– Amika Perk Up Dry Shampoo
– Essential Elements Wake Up Rosemary Body Gel
– Sumita Color Contrast Eyeliner in Hansa (Olive green)
– Whish Shave Crave in Acai Grapefruit
I recently realized that I’m not a gloss person, and clear gloss is totally unexciting for me. Same goes to Sumita eye liner, I have green eyes and applying anything green(ish) too close to them dulls the color. I don’t like the smell of body wash. I don’t use dry shampoo. It’s kind of sad that shaving cream and the box itself are my favorite items this month. Not only the box is adorable, but its finish is smoother that regular brown box finish, which makes this box easier to open.
Bottom line: I added “adventurous” style to my profile. Hopefully I’ll get more colorful stuff in future boxes.

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