Boots Extracts Mango Body Butter Review

Boots Extracts Mango Body Butter
Boots Extracts Mango Body Butter

This was an impulse buy. I came across a little jar with mango on it in a pharmacy isle and I was sold. The fact that the content of the jar smelled like mango smoothie sealed the deal.Since in summer most of  my skin is not dry enough to warrant of body butter, I used this product primarily on my feet. Soles of my feet tend to become dry and rough in warmer months. So pumice stone and rich moisturizer are their best friends. Since (product name) contains fairly high amount of Shea butter I had high expectations. My expectations we partially met – (product) is very rich and moisturizing. It worked great on my hands and elbows. However, it did not solve my “dry feet” problem. Truth be told, my beloved Aveeno Lotion, which is a lot lighter, does better job.It’s probably worth adding that I’m somewhat biased, as I prefer light humectant-based moisturizers to body butters.

Bottom Line: nice body butter with a lovely smell. I finished the little jar, but probably will not repurchase.

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