Beauty Protector ‘Protect & Detangle’ Leave In Conditioner Review

Beauty Protector 'Protect & Detangle' Leave In Conditioner
Beauty Protector ‘Protect & Detangle’

This little red bottle was included in my very first Birchbox shipment. Product description states that it detangles, protects from heat and UV rays, seals cuticle, locks in color , adds shine and conditions. That made me a bit skeptical. I’m not a fan of all-in-one products.
After a few weeks of using it, I have to admit, my temperamental mane seems to like it. My hair is shinier, softer and more manageable than usually. So claims about sealing cuticle, adding shine and conditioning, are all well founded. I can’t attest to heat protection and color maintainance, as I don’t use heat or dyes. And I’m really not sure how one would verify claim about UV protection. It’s not like hair can tan…
This spray works best when applied to wet hair, before styling product. It doesn’t do much to reduce frizz alone. Dry hair does not seem to adsorb the product, it would just sit on top giving my hair unpleasant weight-down feel. My hair is coarse and does not get weight down easily. So this side effect would be even more pronounced in someone with fine/normal hair. The instructions on the container suggests daily use, but, unless you wash your hair daily, I wouldn’t recommend that.
This conditioners contains alcohol and some silicons, so I was concerned that it may be drying, but for some reason it wasn’t.
Heavenly scent of this product is an additional bonus. I could wear it as a perfume. If you like sweet scents – it surely has your name on it. Being a spray is another bonus of this product, it makes even application easier.
‘Protect and detangle’ is a vegan product.

Bottom Line: all in all, I like this product. It may or may not do everything it promises, but it makes a good leave in conditioner. However, I’m not sure if I will purchase full size product – the fact that it contains alcohol and silicons still bothers me.

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