Tarte LipSurgence Kiss & Bell Review and Swatches

Tarte LipSurgence Kiss & Bell
Tarte LipSurgence Kiss & Bell
Tarte LipSurgence Tints - Deluxe vs Full Size
Tarte LipSurgence Tints – Deluxe vs Full Size
Tarte LipSurgence Kiss & Bell Swatches - Direct Sunlight
Swatches – Direct Sunlight
Tarte LipSurgence Kiss & Bell Swatches - Indirect Sunlight
Swatches – Indirect Sunlight
Tarte LipSurgence Kiss & Bell Swatches - Indoor Light
Swatches – Indoor Light

Holiday season is upon us and it seems that holiday sets are released earlier and earlier every year. I could not resist some of the temptations. Tarte LipSurgence Kiss & Bell set is one of them. It was the first holiday set that caught my attention.
I have a love-hate relationship with LipSurgence tints. I like that they offer great range of wearable shades and lovely finishes, I like the fact that their matte tints are not drying unlike many other matte lippies, and I have a soft spot for chubby lip pencils in general. However, I resent the fact that they insist on including peppermint oil in their formulas. I like mint-y smell as much as the next person, however peppermint oil is a known skin irritant. It does not bother my skin, but I feel annoyed every time I apply one of these tints and slight tingling reminds me that this product doesn’t do anything good for my lips. Also the staying power could be better, but it could be worse. Since lip color is the only part of my makeup that I don’t mind re-applying, so for me it’s not a big deal.
By now you are probably wondering “why did she buy this set if she doesn’t even like these tints?” The answer is I do like them, but I recognize their downsides. And the set was too pretty to pass. It haunted me till I caved in and bought it.
Kiss & Bell set contains 4 lip tints, 2 matte lip tints and 2 lip glosses in limited-edition shades, (listed left to right):
– eternal (pinky nude) matte tint
– dreamy (cool raspberry) tint
– kiss (light pink) gloss
– alluring (mauve) tint
– innocent (warm nude) tint
– belle (raspberry) gloss
– dainty (pink) tint
– fancy (plum berry) matte tint
All tints and glosses are “deluxe” sizes. As you can see they are almost twice smaller than regular size LipSurgence tint. With that said, this set is still a great value as you are getting 8 deluxe size products for the price of less than two full size tints.
At first I was very exited to play with this set, but I quickly realized that most of the colors do not work for me. Alluring, Innocent and Dainty look almost identically pink on my lips. Eternal applies patchy and for some reason looks orange-y. Dreamy and Fancy are too cool for my warm toned skin (to be fair I did expect that it may be the case when I bought the set).
Texture and staying power of LE tints is in this set is in line with regular LipSurgence tints.
Ironically enough glosses were may favorite part of this set even though glosses in general are not my favorites. Kiss looks pink with some shimmer, which is not the most flattering shade for me, but it least it looks as I expected, so I’m not disappointed. Belle was a pleasant surprise. It’s a lot more pigmented then I would expect from a lip gloss, and it’s vibrant color goes really well with high gloss finish. Belle is my favorite item in this set.
I never tried LipSurgence glosses before, and I’m starting to realize that I may be not a lip gloss person at all, but these are really lovely. They do not contain peppermint oil that annoys me in LipSurgence tints. They are very moisturizing, but not heavy or sticky.

Bottom Line: great value for the money, as long as the colors work for you. I ended up giving my set away.

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