Beauty Box 5 November 2014

Beauty Box 5 November 2014
Beauty Box 5 November 2014
Beauty Box 5 November 2014 - List of Contents
Beauty Box 5 November 2014 – List of Contents

Dear Beauty Box 5, we need to talk…
I had a bad feeling about this month’s box when they first released Hask Macadamia Oil spoiler. I’m not a fan of this brand, and “Oils” that consist mostly of silicones do not work for my hair. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not against silicones in general. I just try to avoid them in my hair products, especially in leave-in ones, as they seem to dry out my hair. The fact that they included this product in the spoiler made me wonder, what’s the rest of the box going to be.
My November box included:
– Hask Macadamia Revitalizing Shine Oil
– Laura Ashley Body Butter in Coconut Lime
– Dove Deep Moisture Body Wash
– AfterFeather Refillable Travel Bottle
– DenTek Floss Picks
As I already said, Hask Oil is not something I use, so it’s going straight to trade/give away pile. Laura Ashely is a bit runny for a body butter, but it does seem moisturizing. So it will get used eventually. At first I was a bit disappointed to see Dove body wash, but it turned out to be my favorite item this month. Partially because the rest of the box was so underwhelming, partially because between cold weather and indoor heating my skin s getting dryer. So moisturizing body is a necessity this time of year. Travel bottle is cute, but kind of useless. Thanks to my subscriptions, I have more then enough samples and their empty containers to use for traveling. I resent DenTek thingies with passion. For whatever reason they hurt my gums every time I try to use them. My husband seems to like them though. So they won’t go to waste.
Bottom Line: I was unhappy with Beauty Box 5 for some time now. It is my most practical subscription, but it is also the least exiting one. Moreover, it seems that they are becoming more of a lifestyle box, than a beauty box. Which is not necessarily a bad thing, but I wanted a beauty box! At this point I feel there are better ways to spend $12 per month (or $30 for 3 months). So December will be my last box.

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