CoTZ Face Natural Skin Tone Review

CoTZ Face Natural Skin Tone
CoTZ Face Natural Skin Tone
CoTZ Face Natural Skin Tone
CoTZ Face Natural Skin Tone
CoTZ Face Natural Skin Tone Unblended
CoTZ Face Natural Skin Tone Slightly Blended
Slightly Blended
CoTZ Face Natural Skin Tone Well Blended
Well Blended

Birchbox send me a sample of CoTZ face sunscreen in my May box. It seems that Birchbox send this to a lot of subscribers and a lot of them were not happy about it. At first I was not impressed either. When I saw this sample in my box, my first reaction was “oh, look, cute little tube!”, but I wasn’t very intrigued about the product itself.

The product looks very dark and thick coming out of the tube. It really doesn’t look all that attractive. However, it applies smoothly, and provides very sheer tint and matte finish. Sunscreen with high SPF that looks matte on my somewhat oily skin despite heat and humidity is a rear animal. Since I needed a new sunscreen anyway I went ahead and ordered a full size tube. At this point I’m almost done with it, and I just ordered a replacement. This stuff is good!

I like the fact that it’s high SPF product with broad spectrum coverage that doesn’t make my face look shiny or feel greasy. I like that it’s mineral sunscreen (as they have lower probability of causing irritation), and formula is mild enough to use around my eyes.

The tint is vey sheer it won’t cover any imperfections.

Since this formula has fairly high amount of silicones and the lotion feels like silicone based primer when applied, I hoped that it can double as a primer, but no such luck. Actually, foundation applied over this sunscreen look pretty bad.It was slipping and sliding all over the place. Wearing it over foundation works a lot better.

I feel that this product is best suited for normal  to oily skin. It neither drying, nor moisturizing, however, it does highlight dry patches if you have them. It doesn’t make my acne-prone skin to act up. It doesn’t smell like sunscreen (or anything else for that matter).

It’s really a shame that it only comes in two shades – light and natural. However, the tint is very sheer, so these two shades are suitable for large spectrum of skin tones.

Bottom Line: I think I found my Holy Grail sunscreen. I wear it alone on outdoorsy days, when I need a lot of protection, but not a lot of coverage.  I wear it over my foundation on the days in the office, when I would like a bit more coverage, but unwilling to sacrifice the protection. It’s a great tinted broad spectrum sunscreen, that doesn’t feel or look or smell like sunscreen. So, if you hated every sunscreen you tried, this one may just do the trick.

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