Walmart Beauty Box Fall 2014

Walmart Beauty Box Fall 2014
Walmart Beauty Box Fall 2014
Walmart Beauty Box Fall 2014
Walmart Beauty Box Fall 2014

It seems that everybody and their mother has their own beauty box these days. Apparently Walmart did not want to be left behind. So now they have one too. It is $5 and is issued quarterly. Regardless of how I feel about Walmart in general, I could not pass up a box of pretties at that price. So, signed up in the beginning of September, and waited… And then I waited some more… Long story short, it took just over a month, for my box to arrive. It also took contacting both Walmart and BrandShare (the company that handles the beauty box distribution). The box finally arrived last week. It contained:
– Secret Clinical Strength Invisible Solid Deodorant (full size)
– Pink Friday perfume by Nicki Minaj
– Dove Oxygen Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner

– Dove Pure Care Dry Oil
– Glossy Balm by L’Oreal in Pink me up
– Cover Girl nail polish in Get Glowing (I think)
– L’Oreal YouthCode PoreVanisher (foil sample)
– Neutrogena nourishing LONG WEAR foundation sampler (tiny foils of 8 different shades)
The deodorant will get used, and I already know it works for me, since I previously received the same one from Beauty Box 5. I’m not a fan of celebrity perfume, but this one seems ok. So I’ll try it out. I wish it had a spray nozzle though. Yellow nail polish doesn’t quite fit with fall edition, but it’s lovely and I don’t have anything similar. Pick lip color is not entirely my thing, but I have a soft spot for chubby lip pencils, so I’ll try it. Dove products are a total “miss” for me, with possible exception of conditioner. Clear shampoos are usually too drying for my hair, and “oils” that are just mix of silicones just don’t do anything for me. Samples of foundation are nice, since finding a matching a shade of drugstore not an easy task, as there no “try me” bottles in most of them.
Bottom Line: this box definitely delivers the value. And I’m willing to right of the cluster around the delivery as a hiccup, since it was the first box they released. Even though it left unpleasant aftertaste, I’m thinking to stick around for winter version of Walmart Beauty Box.

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