Build Your Own Birchbox October 2014

Build Your Own Birchbox October 2014
BYOB October 2014
Build Your Own Birchbox October 2014
My BYOB October 2014

October is here, and Birchbox store update a selection of samples in their BYOB section. Since I had a voucher for a free box that was due to expire, I headed to the store. I was exited to see that Nails & Body category includes Ruffian in Ambrosia. However, since I already have this color, I went with Opi Sheer Tints. This category also had Color Club nail polish listed in the booklet, but according to the store associate, they haven’t received it yet (that was on October  9th). Skincare category was a bit of a disappointment this month. Usually I wish I could have more than one item from this category, but this time I had to pick which one I resented less. ClariSEA exfoliant won this contest. I picked English Laundry as my perfume sample. In Hair Care Beauty Protector mask was easy winner, as nothing else appealed to me. It’s Make Up sample, that was the most difficult to choose. I just wanted all of them including Coola sunscreen and (for unknown reason) black mascara. At the end I went with Temptu highlighter. I may or may not have some regrets over this decision (that Laqa in Bossy Boots looked pretty appealing).

Bottom Line: I don’t know if I would pay $15 for this box (mainly because Skincare selection was so uninspired this month), but for a free box, this is a great deal.

Would you get it? Which samples would you pick?

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