Birchbox October 2014

Birchbox October 2014
Birchbox October 2014

This month Birchbox showed up super early. Which is great, because this month I was really antsy and impatient. Here is what I got:

  • Model Co lipstick in Kitty (my sample choice)
  • Lord and Berry eye pencil
  • Dr. Brandt pores no more vacuum cleaner
  • Harvey Prince Petaly Noir
  • BeeKind body Lotion

I like creamy formula of Model Co lipstick, but the color is a bit too nude for my complexion. I guess it can be used to lighten up too dark lipsticks. Truth be told I suspected that Kitty is not entirely my color, but went ahead and selected it any way. First of all I really

Birchbox October 2014
Birchbox October 2014 – List of content

wanted to try Model Co lipstick, second I was hoping to avoid Lord and Berry pencil, that most of people were trying to avoid this month. As you can tell, the latter did not work, I still got the dreaded pencil. Actually, after seeing it in person and swatching it on my hand, I feel a bit less resentful towards it. It does have fair amount of glitter, so it may be an interesting  option for a night out. However, I read that it tends to smudge all over the place, so I’ll have to wear it for a day in the house first. Blackheads were plaguing my face since my early teens, so  I’m exited to try Dr. Brands vacuum cleaner. Seeing third Harvey Prince perfume  in four months is a bit annoying, plus its heavy sweet vanilla and spice scent is not really my thing, but it’s a good scent for night out. BeeKind by Gilchrest & Soams lotion is my least favorite item this month. It’s a watery lotion with lemon scent, that doesn’t seem to be really moisturizing.

Bottom Line: It’s a bit underwhelming box. On a plus side, I can do negative reviews and still get points for them.

If you would like to  sign up for Birchbox, please feel free use my referral link.

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