Beauty Box 5 September 2014

Beauty Box 5 September 2014
Beauty Box 5 September 2014

Beauty Box 5 is my only subscription on which I managed to avoid spoilers this month. Which a good thing, this way I don’t get a chance build expectations and set myself up for disappointment. Still, I find September box a bit underwhelming. The box contained:

  • Nicka K eyelight crayon in violet (possibly full size)
  • Natural Style By FUBU Deep Conditioner & Co-Wash (2 large foil packets)
  • Sally Hansen Toe Separators
  • My Beauty Spot Nail Polish in a nameless, but lovely color (full size)
  • Dr. Lin Acne Spot Corrector

Nail polish is my favorite item this month. I’m really not sure how to describe the color, I guess shimmery pinkish mauve would be

Beauty Box 5 September 2014 List of Contents
Beauty Box 5 September 2014 List of Contents

as close as I can get. The rest of the box is unexciting. Acne treatment would probably get used some day. Same goes to the Deep Conditioner. Even though the conditioner had me roll my eyes so far I got a headache. It boasts about its natural “miracle” components, but the actual list of ingredients reads: water, cetyl alcohol, cetrimonium chloride, cetearyl alcohol, Fragrance… I lost interest after that. I’m not against man-made ingredient’s in general, but I am against product being marketed as something it’s not. Nicka K is second purple eye liner I got in two months (I also got purple Urban Decay 24/7 pencil from Ipsy last month). Either Universe is trying to entice me to wear brighter eye make up, or there is just surplus of purple eye liners somewhere in the said Universe. Toe separators prompted another headache worthy eye roll. Because I already got a pair of these… form Beauty Box 5… three months ago. How many feet to they think I have?

Bottom Line: I probably sound more bitchy than I feel. In a reality, I don’t feel bitchy, I feel a bit sad. I really wanted to like this subscription, and it seems like Beauty Box 5 is really trying to meet and exceed expectations, but with mixed results. September is the last month of my quarterly subscription, and I probably would’ve cancelled if they hadn’t auto-renewed it already. I guess Beauty Box 5 got themselves three more months to impress me.

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