Birchbox August 2014

Birchbox August 2014 - EveryGirl Box
Birchbox August 2014 – EveryGirl Box
Birchbox August 2014 - EveryGirl Box
Birchbox August 2014 – EveryGirl Box
Birchbox August 2014 - Benefit Eyeliner Sample
Birchbox August 2014 – Benefit Eyeliner Sample
Birchbox August 2014 - Contents of EveryGirl Box
Birchbox August 2014 – Contents of EveryGirl Box

I didn’t expect any surprises this month as I opted out for EveryGirl box, and I knew what I’m getting (at least I thought so). The box arrived a bit later than usual, but I think that was case with all EG boxes. However, that’s where the surprises started. First of all, like may other subscribers, I chose EG box mostly for Benefit Push Up Eye Liner. I do realize that expecting full size product that retails for $24 in a $10 subscription box may be a bit too optimistic, but I did hope for a nice deluxe sample. The sample turned out to be not only tiny, but pretty badly designed as well. Once it’s open, closing it is next to impossible, as the cap keeps sliding off. Moreover, since  the shape of the sample is very different form the full size product, you can’t hold it the same way you hold the actual pen, so it’s impossible to tell weather using pen instead of brush simplifies working with gel liner or not. The formula is nice, it dries fast provides pretty dramatic results and doesn’t smudge, but I already knew that from swatching this liner at local Sephora. So, the star sample in this box turned out to be epic fail.

Aside from disappointing Benefit sample, the EveryGirl box included Number 4 Super Comb Prep & Protect, Acure Organics Brightening Facial Scrub, Harvey Prince Hello Perfume and Not Soap, Radio Body Wash.

I previously sampled Number 4 product and wasn’t impressed with it. I like Hello perfume, it seems like a nice summery fragrance (and I’m not overwhelmed with Harvey Prince products yet, as this is only second product I received). Acure Organics Scrub was a nice surprise, there are very few scrubs that I like. This one has a good chance of becoming one of them. I used it only once so far, but I like the results. My skin is softer and smoother, but not irritated. Last, but not least Not Soap, Radio body wash smells absolutely heavenly, so that was another pleasant sunrise of this box.

Bottom line: Acure Organics and Not Soap, Radio somewhat remedied my disappointment with Benefit eyeliner sample. However, if Birchbox is to do “pick your sample”  again, I’m leaning towards “surprise me” option.  That way if I end up disappointed again, I won’t feel like I brought it upon myself.

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