Birchbox July 2014

Not sure how I feel about this one…

Birchbox July 2014 - Curated by Women's Health
Birchbox July 2014 – Curated by Women’s Health
Birchbox July 2014
Birchbox July 2014
Birchbox July 2014 - list of content
Birchbox July 2014 – list of content
Birchbox + Women's Health = Cute box
Birchbox + Women’s Health = Cute box

Birchbox showed up on 11th of July, which is incredibly early. This outer box this months is blue, and inner one was a departure from usual brown.

As you all know Birchbox allowed its subscribers to select one of the samples this month. I think it’s pretty cool, despite some hiccups, such as web site malfunctioning as people were trying to make their selection. After the web site functionality was restored, I was able to  reserve my Cynthia Rowley Lip Stain in Sugar. Although later I was kicking myself for that… why, oh why did I not get Ruffian in Ambrosia or Rosary… They look a lot prettier on the nails that they do in the bottle…

Anyhow, this month I got:

  • Cynthia Rowley Lip Stain in Sugar
  • Real Chemistry Luminous 3-Minute Peel
  • Harvey Prince Imperial Gardenia perfume
  • Naobay Body Radiance Lotion
  • Number 4 Super Comb, Prep & Protect

I am really looking forward to trying Real Chemistry Peel. I like the texture of the lip stain.  The last three items are a bit of a disappointment, as I don’t like the way they smell. Number 4  spray and body lotion still have a chance, as I’m still curios weather or not they their performance will live up to the expectations. For the perfume, however, it’s obviously a deal breaker.

Bottom line: Overall this is a decent box. Even though it has only five samples, all samples are deluxe (t.e. multiple use and re-sealable). However, the fact that I don’t like the smell of three out of five products, somewhat tuned down my excitement. As well as the fact that now I really want that Ruffian nail polish.

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