Beauty Box 5 June 2014

Technically it’s not June box, but…

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Beauty Box 5 – June 2014

Writing reviews later than planed seems to be a trend for me recently. This box arrived last week of June, and I didn’t get a chance of organize my thoughts and feelings about it until now. I signed up for the quarterly subscription starting July and was offered to receive previous month’s box, which I assumed to be June box, for additional $10. Silly and impatient person that I am, I happily agreed, as it meant that the box would ship right away, not on the 8th of next month.

And I waited… and waited… and waited for the tracking number, or at least a notification that the box has shipped.
A week later I emailed their customer service, and that same day the box showed up in my mailbox. I have to give credit to Beauty Box 5 customer service, they responded within reasonable time and they did their best to be helpful. However, luck of communication before I contacted them left bad taste in my mouth.

The second disappointment was to find out that the box I received was not June box, as I naively assumed. Someone on suggested that it was “introduction” box, with leftovers from previous months. I have no way of knowing to what extent this suggestion is true, but I resent the idea. Especially since the content of the box was kind of meh…

Beauty Box 5 June 2014 list of items
Contents Beauty Box 5 June 2014

Here is what I got:
– Just Being Sexy Body Bronzer
– H2O Plus Spa Sea Lotus Body Wash
– Nubar Nail Lacquer in Kristal (it a bit more yellow than shows on the picture)
– Swissco Glitter Toe Separators,
– Secret Clinical Strength Completely Clean deodorant/antiperspirant

I really wanted to like this box, but it’s just not cooperating…

I made piece with my pale skin long time ago, so I probably won’t use the bronzer. Sparkly nail polish is not my thing either. Don’t get me wrong it’s pretty, but it’s not something I can wear at work, so it’s a no go. This doesn’t mean I don’t like sparkly things. I do! So the toe separator is adorable, but kind of useless, as I have no problem painting my toe nails without it. Now if they send a device that make painting finger nails easier (especially the ones on the non-dominant hand), I would be very interested. So the most useful (for me) items in the box are deodorant (of a very well known brand) and body wash. Since the deodorant alone retails for about $7, I definitely got my money’s worth, but it was unexciting.

Bottom line: I don’t think it’s a great start. I feel that they really could have done better. However, since I already made three months commitment, they have three months to convince me that they are worth staying with.

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