Did you know? You hair conditioner may be aggravating your acne

So, you are religiously sticking to your anti-acne skin care regime and avoid products with comedogenic ingredients, but acne would not leave you alone… your hair conditioner may be the culprit.  It seems counter-intuitive at first, since you normally apply conditioner to your hair, not your skin. However, we forget that product, which is by nature sleek and slippery can easily migrate from your hair to your skin. Both “rinse off” and “leave in” hair conditioners often contain ingredients that have potential to clog pore or irritate skin, and may cause acne and other problems.
Fear not! There is a number of things you can do to protect your skin. 

Switch to a different conditioner  – this is most intuitive solution. If you decide to doe this make sure that new conditioner does not contain problematic ingredients.

Apply conditioner to airshaft and ends, away from your scalp and face.
Avoid getting “rinse off” conditioner onto your skin while in the shower  by wearing shower cap while conditioning and turning your head sideways when rinsing the product. If the conditioner did get onto your skin make sure you wash it off thoroughly.
When applying “leave in”  conditioner, limit contact of your hair with your skin until the products soaks in.
Following these simple rules can make a big difference for your skin. 
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