Finding Foundation

What to consider

Finding perfect foundation can be tricky. With so many brands and products how do you find the one that works for you? Here are things you may want to keep in mind while shopping for a new foundation.

First, you need to decide how much coverage you expect. If you are looking for minimal coverage liquid or gel based foundation, or even tinted moisturizer is your best shot. Cream or powder foundation will provide medium coverage. Finally, if you are looking for heavy coverage, thick cream or cream-to-powder foundation is the way to go.
Next thing to consider is the container. Why is it important? Because, foundation in open container (such as jar) can easily get contaminated with bacteria, which can present danger to your skin. The ideal container for foundation (or any other liquid or creamy product) is a pump , as it prevents unused product from contacting with bacteria in the environment. The downside of pumps is that you have little control over how much product is dispensed. Tubes are second best option.
Next question is where to buy? Department store or drugstore? That would entirely depend on your budget. If you can afford brand name product from department store without breaking the bank, by all means, go for it. But if you have to choose between brand name foundation and having a dinner – settle for drugstore brand. I’m all getting fancy stuff, but not at the expense of necessities.
Finally, look into additional perks that some foundations offer. Do you want foundation with SPF? Would you like foundation with anti-aging properties? Or, maybe, you safer from acne and need foundation with salicylic acid?
So, you have settled on a specific product. Now the real work begins. Don’t be surprised. Now you need to find tone (light, medium or dark) and undertone (cool, neutral or warm) that perfectly matches your skin. Contrary to the popular belief undertone is even more important. If your tone is a little off, it’s not great, but if your undertone is off you can be heading for makeup disaster. Apply “cool” foundation on “warm” skin and you find yourself looking slightly orange. “Warm” foundation on “cool” skin will give you unhealthy grayish hue.
The only way to get both tone and undertone right is to apply foundation to your face. Back of your hand may seen like a good place to try foundation, but it’s not. And when I say “face” I mean “whole face”. Make sure to check if it looks right in the natural daylight. All of this is possible in a department store or, if by some stroke of luck, your local drugstore has a sample. If you are shopping in a drugstore make sure it’s one that offers 100% satisfaction guarantee (such as Walgreens or Rite Aid). That way if you are not happy with a foundation you chose, you can return it.
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