Hair Dryer Technology

Since my hair dryer has been acting up lately, I’m on the prowl for a new one. Since I like to do some research before purchase, I dug up wealth of information, which I decided to share here.

So, here are things you want to consider before buying a new hair dryer:

Ceramic technology

Hair dryers of new generations tend to have ceramic coils, as opposed to more traditional metal coils. Ceramic dryers are said to produce more even heat than traditional ones, thus minimizing hair damage from the heat.

Ionic technology

Ionic hair dryers emit negatively changed ions. Hair bathed in negative ions attract positive ions. This process breaks water droplets in your hair into smaller parts. Marketers claim claim that this process reduces drying time, helps control freeze and promotes shine.
Currently, there is no scientific proof of these claims, but user reviews seem to favor ionic hair hair dryers. This lead me to believe that ionic hair dryers are at least as good as traditional ones and are worth trying.

Tourmaline technology

Tourmaline is semi-precious mineral, which emits negative ions when heated. Crushed tourmaline is applied onto or infused into ceramic coils of a dryer. Tourmaline is said to enhance ionic technology. But as with ionic technology itself there is no scientific support of this claim. Hair dryers using this technology tend to be more expensive than regular ionic hair dryers.

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